About Me

Picture of Me.
Picture of Me during our trip to Alaska July 2006

Way back when I was a kid in high school I  always had a camera by my side.  Eventually I ended up being published in the college paper and after college I had my first real photography job working in a small Wedding Studio.  During the week, I was a printer on a large fast proof printer and ran the B&W Darkroom and On weekends we worked Weddings.

I ended up being the Manager of a small Portrait Studio in Manhattan for many years and ending up putting my camera down for good in the late eighties.

My wife and I started to travel to some exciting places and I ended getting my first digital camera, a small P&S and I’ve rediscovered my urge to create photographically..  I now use a DSLR and have been hooked ever since.  These pages are my travels thru photography.  Enjoy…


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  1. Been a while since I Posted. I will try and keep this Updated with News and whats going on.

    We’ve had two Major Snow Storms in the past Two Weeks and its been difficult to go out and shoot. Hopefully, I might be able to shoot something this Weekend. But of course it all Depends on the Weather. Lets see what happens…

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