Off Camera Flash

Friday Night Photography Quote:

..the thing that is magnificent about photography is that it can produce images that incite emotion based on the subject matter alone.
— Brassai

A lot of talk about using Off Camera Flash going on in the Photo Groups on Facebook lately. If you’re not used to or haven’t tried it yet you should! It’s an important tool for us to use when the situation might arise.

First up and this is Important!
Natural Light is the Best Light!

Let me repeat myself. Natural Light is the Best Light! Sometimes it does need a little bit of Help! This is where the External Flash fits into the scheme of things.

We will need a few things to make this happen though:
Stand: A method of supporting the Flash whether it be a Flash Bracket or
Light Stand
Trigger: Something to Trigger the Flash to make it fire.
Light Modifiers: Modifiers can be anything from Umbrellas to Diffusers.
A Softbox to a Color Gel

The first and most important thing about all this is “Cost”!
You/We Don’t Have to spend a whole Lot of money for this.
There are several places on the Net that is there to Help!
One is that a Lot of things can be hand made to do the same things that store bought can!
Because this whole Off Camera Flash mentality has become so very Popular. A lot of camera stores now have a Strobist Dept. What is Strobist? Strobist is a place that has become Number 1 when it comes to using Flash Off Camera. Tutorials and learning challenges. Directions on where to go and what to look for. In acquiring the needed equipment for a reasonable price!
Go here and check out the Strobist pages:

Next up is a great store that I can honestly recommend is dependable and trustworthy. I’ve purchased from them a few times and have been very pleased with my purchase. It’s called Midwest Photo Exchange: They even have a Strobist Lighting Dept.

The Strobist Department is here:

Now what do we do with all of this? We practice! We Create! We Study and Practice some more.

One of the places on the Net that has wonderful Ideas and Tutorials besides rating the equipment is Neil’s place. He calls it Tangents and if your truly interested in learning the Ins and Outs of Lighting. He is the Man!

Neil van Neikirk also has several books out and you can check them out over at Amazon. I’m going to link to one book that specializes in Off Camera Flash. But Neil has several other books as well.

In closing. Let me share an Image from my archives of Off Camera Flash in use as an example: I used a Nikon SB900 in a Silver Umbrella mounted on a light stand.
This is Only using the One Light. Which is slightly high and to Camera Right.

Have a Great Weekend Everybody!
Like always. If you have a comment your free to post. You have a question you can either post it here. Or contact me through the link.

Grandpa Lou


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