What Is “Art”?

Friday Night Photography Quote:

[1864 – 1946] American artist photographer and editor

It is not art in the professionalized sense about which I care, but that which is created sacredly, as a result of a deep inner experience, with all of oneself, and that becomes ‘art’ in time.Alfred Stieglitz

According to my studies: “Art creates a reaction from the Viewer“!
Any kind of a reaction, it doesn’t matter. If the Artwork creates any kind of response including to make the Viewer go Hmmm…… All emotions are also covered when I’m mentioning “Response”. We can get into all kinds of discussions and what Is Incredibly interesting is “Art” means different things for different people..

I had taken an “Aesthetics Class” in College and on my term paper I had chosen “Photography as Art” as my subject. To give you a very fast outline I started with the history of Photography through the ages. Then had touched very lightly on the struggles of Steichen and Stieglitz to get Photography Accepted as an Art Form.

In todays Society the acceptance of Photography as an Art Form has passed into Obscurity.  With all the Smart Phones, IPads and Tablets there is a terrible loosening of Standards on what a Photographic Image should posses. Granted this didn’t start in today’s Technology. It started long before from the late 1960’s with the Kodak “Make Photography Accessible to Everyone Mentality”. I’m speaking about the “Kodak Instamatic” and including the earlier versions like the Brownie Box Camera.
Don’t misunderstand me. That’s how I actually got started. “Borrowing” my mother’s Old Brownie from way back on the floor of her Closet and taking it outside to try my hand at taking pictures. But something got lost along the way. Pictures are either too Dark. Or out of Focus and other things too extensive to list. But the Acceptance of Lower Quality Images just makes those who obsess over Quality shake our heads.
Think I’m a Snob do you? LOL Just look around the Social Media Sites like Instagram and Facebook. Then do a search on any of the Main Photography Sites and try to compare what your looking at?

You know something? I wasn’t going to go this far but the frustration pushed me. I was even considering including a few of my images as an example but I’m feeling that would also be too egotistical to prove the point. But I’m Not going to go there…
Instead I am including a Few Links from areas on the Net that we as Photographers go to for both inspiration to try to better ourselves. As well as places for us to learn a thing or two. Keeping in mind the Old Saying:
The More You know. The more you realize you truly Don’t know!

So I am actually going to ask you my readers to go to your Normal Ares and look around at what is posted. Keep that in mind and then start to click on my links below:

I would like to have a discussion here with your thoughts and comments on what you Think About my post..
Have a Great Weekend Everyone


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