Why do We Do the things We Do?

Friday Night Photography Quote:

Of course, there will always be those who look only at technique, who ask “how,” while others of a more curious nature will ask “why.” Personally, I have always preferred inspiration to information.
— Man Ray

When we get to a certain point in Photography we concentrate on our Subject.
After we get at least Semi-Proficient with the use of the Tool called a Camera. We then start on the creative use of Light. Light and Shadows to be more exact. Natural Light from slightly behind. Natural Light shining through a window. All of a sudden we discover how Beautiful Natural light truly is. Till the light is blocked by the Clouds and or we Attempt to shoot indoors.

This is where artificial light is deemed a necessary evil. Artificial Light is a difficult thing to learn. An awful Lot of people find using any kind of an Artificial Light extremely intimidating. These people will make any excuse as to find a way to avoid using Artificial Light by any means.

One of the basic problems is if not used correctly the image can look fake or simply Not Right if the Light is a bit too bright. The Image can look Unnatural. This might end up being one of the excuses. That using any Artificial Light will render an Unnatural Image. So they wont use it under any circumstances. That sounds to me like it’s too difficult to change a Flat Tire on my Car. So I wont use my car!

Artificial Light is like any other Tool. It needs to be researched and Mastered to render a beautiful Effect. Nothing is easy. If it were that easy then everyone would be getting the benefit of Using something that can enhance and help you perfect your Image.

I’ve seen some interesting comments this past week. One person had mentioned that they Only Use Natural Light like it was a Medal or something. Even for an Indoor Shot! Though they weren’t really happy. Seems that they weren’t happy cause the Camera was Not able to deal with the extremely dark conditions in a proper way.

The Term Natural Light as if you didn’t already know is the Round Nuclear Glow we see in the Sky commonly called “The Sun”. Natural and the other name we can interchangeably use is Ambient. Ambient is also the existing or background light.
If we measure the Natural or Ambient Light within our image. Then set the Artificial Light to a drop lower power than the existing Light. This will change an average image into a Great Image.

I’ve mentioned them before through the years. You know the places on the Net that can help us Learn All there is about Natural or Ambient Light.

The one comment that makes me go crazy is “Oh I won’t Use any Artificial Light. It makes the Image look Fake!” With a Attitude like using any Kind of extra Lighting is beneath them or an amateur way.. Nope! It doesn’t work that way. All we need to do is find out what the problem is. Then try and find the Fix to that problem.

There are so many great places on the Net that discuss Lighting that it makes me feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the emotion of Extreme Joy!

  • Creative Live
  • Kelby Training
  • Neil Van Niekerk has a Blog about Lighting called “Tangents”
  • Strobist
  • Youtube is another great place with all the tutorials

Neil has a very interesting article on his pages about using Video lights that I felt I needed to include the link here. Otherwise all the others can be searched on the Net.

The first thing we learn about using Lighting is to Get that Light Away from the Camera. But if we move the Light Off Camera then How can we get that Light to Flash in Sync with the Camera’s Shutter? We use what’s called “Triggers” or “Flash Triggers”. These are Wireless Radio Controllers that will set off your Flash.

Why do we go through learning all of these things? To make our images be the best that we can! All of these things for “Off Camera Flash” are Our Tools. Tools that will enhance these Artificial Lights. Filters, Reflectors, Soft Boxes and Umbrellas. Soft Boxes come in many shapes and sizes.

Before I say anything else I would also like to mention that Neil Van Niekirk has several books out over at Amazon that are very good. A few are about explaining Off Camera Flash.

Have a Great Weekend Everybody!
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