The camera is a magic window that transforms the world.

– Irving Pobboravsky

I just read an interesting blog about Travel. What the word Travel means to people is of course different. The last thing mentioned in that wonderful discussion by Ishita is:
What does the word “Travel” mean to you?

We’ve met those that get the thrill of saying “I’ve been there”! The very sad part of that is that IS all that is meant. Meaning they have gotten absolutely Nothing from the experience! To just say “I’ve been there”? Seriously? In the comments section someone had posted that they’ve even seen someone run  in to shoot a Selfie then turn around and go “OK lets go to the next one”! LOL Unbelievable!
To Each their Own!

Interesting concept. It means different things to different people.
To Us! That’s my wife and also includes my Brother and his wonderful Family. Travel means to walk through History. To see the sights and sounds of those who have walked the same streets. To experience the mindset of those who have lived throughout the ages. The names that we know from History. The Rulers, the Famous Explorers. The Artists and Musicians of the ancient world. The Religious Leaders, the Politicians who have gone down in History as the names we have all studied.

Last week was St Patrick’s Day. In Honor of St Patrick’s Day I had posted a different image each day for two weeks from our Journey’s through Ireland. Yes! I bring my camera on our Adventures. As an Artist I try to capture the emotions and experience of our Travels. Very rarely do I take a “Selfie”!

To Honor Ishita and her interesting thoughts. I am going to try to create a slide show of the images I had created from our Travels of Ireland.
Ha! Well that didn’t work too well. Enjoy my images. You can leave your thoughts in the comment section below.



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